About Us

About Us

queen city “saloon” circa 1890 pictured above

Queen City Grill is an iconic Seattle Restaurant & Bar located on 1st Ave & Blanchard in Belltown. The current building was established in 1910, however records such as the picture displayed above show that even the wood frame structure that occupied this very spot in 1890 also bore the name “Queen City”.  If you look at the windows closely you can see that it reads “Queen City Saloon”.

By the mid 1980’s Queen City had several incarnations as either a Saloon or Tavern.  Peter Lamb, Robert Eickhof & Steve Good took a chance on opening one of the first fine dining establishments in Seattle. Renaming her the “Queen City Grill”, the space re-opened it doors under new ownership in the fall of 1987. As time went on Queen City Grill became a place where the average person could mingle with celebrities and music artists. There are 30 years of fond memories for many Seattle locals and visitors alike as QCG and over 100 years of history in it’s prior life.

On New Years Day 2017, Queen City Grill was set to close it’s doors forever. The community had been rallying to “Save the Queen!”, to no avail. However, a QCG alumnus, Trevor Greenwood, who now owns the Cantinetta Restaurant Group has returned along with a group of local Seattle investors (Mike McConnell, owner of Via Tribunali & Cafe Vita and Charlie Billow of Charlies Produce to name a few) to save her.  Cantinetta Restaurant Group, with the help of our investors took over this iconic space to keep one of the longest standing Restaurants in Seattle & it’s history intact.  After shutting down for several months for interior restorations, Queen City Grill was re-opened May 24, 2017.

Executive Chef and General Manager Brian Cartenuto (who is the original Chef of Trevor Greenwood’s first restaurant venture, the Cantinetta in Wallingford) has returned to take on Queen City Grill with his innovative menu items and thoughtfully sourced product.  Kevin Stewart, QCG Alumnus, co-owner & current Bar Manager spent years cultivating a loyal following tending bar at the Queen.  Our Maitre d’, Amon Mende who was part of the original Cantinetta staff, is yet another QCG Alumnus & has also returned to the Queen.  The FOH Manager, Ushi Hastie (still the new kid on the block after 7 years working at the Cantinetta’s) is honored to help carry the torch.  Thank you to all of our investors and supporters, we look forward to many more years to come!